Álvaro de Oliveira

Álvaro de Oliveira

Álvaro de Oliveira got his Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the University College London where he developed his 10 years academic experience. He spent 6 years managing a large American ICT engineering and manufacturing company in the areas of telecommunications, computer products and systems. He was responsible for the implementation of optical fiber communications in Portugal.

He worked for 8 years as an advisor of the Minister of Industry and Energy in Portugal. Consultant to the European Commission and to several Governments in the area of Innovation Strategy, Policy and assessment methodologies. Consultant to major International Corporations He has created 20 companies addressing different domains of ICT technologies and applications.

His own company does ICT research, systems engineering and develops European, national and regional development and innovation strategy studies. He’s a visiting Professor at the University of Helsinki, involved in open innovation technologies, methodologies and policies focused on Living Labs, Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities. He has published 120 scientific papers and carried out hundreds of presentations at international conferences. He is a member of the main international organizations of his domain.

He has been elected this year as the President of ENoLL. He also holds the responsibility for the European Network of Living Labs international relations, innovation policy and the energy and environment domains.

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