Dave Carter


Dave Carter is Head of the Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) at Manchester City Council. MDDA is responsible for the delivery of the Manchester Digital strategy which sets out the ambition for the city region to provide “the most advanced ‘next generation’ connectivity in the UK, providing a sustainable base for high growth business, innovation, transformational public services and an inclusive knowledge society”.

MDDA coordinates strategic initiatives and projects across the Greater Manchester city-region around three main themes:

   – Digital connectivity: deploying next generation access (NGA) based on fibre to the premises (FTTP) and advanced wireless through the Manchester Living Lab to support the regeneration of the city region;

   – Digital inclusion: supporting community based initiatives to ensure everyone has accessible and affordable connectivity with access to skills and jobs in the digital economy;

   – Digital innovation: working with businesses, through the Manchester Digital trade association, and with the knowledge base, through Manchester Knowledge Capital, to support the development of Future Internet enabled technologies and services in Smart Cities, including on smart energy, e-health/telecare, smart working and mobility.

He is the lead for Manchester’s role in coordinating the next generation access (NGA) connectivity workstream for the UK national Digital Challenge 10 plus (DC10+) network. He is the lead for a number of European digital initiatives and was one of the founder members of the Telecities network (part of Eurocities) set up in 1993 and the first President of Telecities (1994-96). He is currently a Council member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). His current work through EU funded projects includes work on smart meters, smart energy planning, Future Internet enabled ‘smart cities’ and e-inclusion, funded through the Interreg, Seventh Framework (FP7), ICT Policy Support Programme (CIP) and Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programmes. He was Acting Head of Economic Development at Manchester City Council 2002-2004, previously Deputy Head since 1999, having worked for Economic Development since 1987. He previously worked at Manchester University and in the voluntary sector.

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