Jarmo Eskelinen

Jarmo ”Elukka” Eskelinen has been in charge of Forum Virium Helsinki from the very beginning. ”It is fascinating to be able to witness the victory march of openness in digital services. Information, as well as code and design, are rapidly becoming more and more public”, Jarmo declares. ”The growth in the importance of design and user-centeredness means a lot to me, since my background is in design.”

Jarmo has extensive experience in media, cultural productions and architecture. He previously worked as a Executive Director in Helsinki University’s School of Art and Design’s Media Centre Lume, where he was in charge of the centre’s commercial operations and productions in the fields of cinema, TV and new media. Before Media Centre Lume, Jarmo worked as the Program Manager of the Helsinki 2000 Cultural Capital project. As the CEO of PopZoo Promotion, he was among others in charge of developing and implementing the Huvila concert tent concept for the Helsinki Festival. Before entering the field of culture and media, Jarmo used to work in several architect offices, later holding the post of a Chief Architect. Jarmo is also ENoLL Vice President and Coordinator of ENoLL Foreign Affairs Works Group.

What inspires Jarmo is enthusiasm, intensity, curiosity and experiencing. According to him, doing is the best form of thinking. In his free time, Jarmo’s hobbies include endurance sports, especially road bicycle racing and running. His former careers as a drummer and a DJ have continued in the form of collecting music. Jarmo pampers his family in the role of a weekend chef.

Forum Virium Helsinki manages R&D projects and product development. The company is owned by 16 major Finnish and international companies (incl. Nokia and Finnish Broadcasting Company), the City of Helsinki and the key supporters of innovation in Finland, SITRA and TEKES. Key project areas are smart city, wellbeing and (social) media.

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