Conference venue: ICC (Ghent, Belgium)

The conference is held at the International Convention Center (ICC) Ghent, Belgium.
The ICC Ghent lies in a tranquil oasis in the middle of Ghent’s largest park and green lung: the Citadel Park. It’s situated near the international railway station Ghent St. Pieters and at walking distance from the historical city center. Click here to see the route from the railway station Ghent St-Pieters to ICC.
How to get to Ghent?

For more information: www.iccghent.com - Itinerary.


Other practical information:

- Hotels: for a selection of hotels in Ghent, visit our hotel overview page.

- Parking garage: the undergrond parking nearest to the ICC is the parking garage St-Pietersplein (view location) . There will be shuttle busses driving from this parking to ICC Ghent

-  We will also have taxi’s standing by at the ICC

Ghent: so much city

Ghent is a city of many layers and dimensions. Its rich diversity takes many forms: knowledge and innovation, history and culture. It is also a great place to live and work, shop and play … Above all, Ghent is authentic and varied and its abounding contrasts are what make it so genuine and fascinating.

Ghent is a city of knowledge and innovation whose large university collaborates with renowned research institutions, delivering hundreds of highly qualified professionals each year. The University of Ghent is internationally well-known for its innovative research in the fields of genetic and biological engineering, micro-electronics and medicine. That research has given rise to the formation of many young enterprises and university spin-offs, leading to clusters of innovative companies and knowledge centres. Those create synergies, attract investments and stimulate economic growth.

For several decades Ghent has been an important industrial centre as well. This has been enhanced by a good infrastructure and accessibility via the inland port. The Ghent-Terneuzen Canal links our city to the North Sea.

More about Ghent on visitgent.be


Ghent’s arts and cultural scenes are rich and diverse, offering impressive collections, multifarious architectural styles, monuments and art treasures. No other city in Belgium has as many listed monuments. Ghent is home to around thirty museums and art institutions. Aside from art lovers, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Fans of performing arts, dance, film and music are guaranteed an interesting stay. The city is also famous for a number of leading cultural events and festivals. The Flanders International Film Festival is internationally renowned and attracts thousands of national and international film enthusiasts. The annual Ghent Festival is Europe’s largest city festival, attracting on average 1.5 million visitors per year. Ghent has a lively music scene that encompasses a wide range of music genres. It has been recognized as ‘Creative City of Music’ by UNESCO, which praised the city’s rich tradition and inclusive approach to culture.

For more information: www.visitgent.be and compile your own brochure!

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