Margarete Donovang-Kuhlisch

Margarete Donovang-Kuhlisch, European Government Industry Technical Leader, PS CTO Team 

Smart City Process Support and Applications as a Service – from the FI

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PoV of a Future Internet Provider

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In recognition of my experience as Executive IT-Specialist and my work as client IT architect (CITA) for the German Ministry of Defense and Federal Armed Forces, I have been appointed Government Industry Technical Leader (ITL) in the NEE IOT in October 2007.

Within Public Sector, for some time we have been observing major trans­formation initiatives due to governmental market trends like changing demographics, accelerating globalization, rising environmental concerns, evolving social relationships, growing threats to social and public stability and safety and the expanding impact of technology in life.  In a time of economic crisis and scarcity of natural energy resources when governments are more obliged than ever to take up responsibility for fiscal stimulus, economic recovery and environmental welfare, these trends bear even more challenge and opportunity for IBM to create value for our clients. Europe and the European Union / Commission, as a politically and economically integrated governmental body, could and should be the frontier for business and solution development in these times of change. Therefore, in the ITL role I became committed to operate as the EU-wide and European chief architect and technical advisor for Government. This involves three key, interlinked activities:

Supporting client business development and architectural transformation to exploit revenue generating opportunities applying industry though leadership and driving community initiatives for client value creation endorsing cross-industry programs and enabling re-usable business solution development.

Based on the IBM Enterprise Technology Framework originally designed for the financial sector, I have driven the development of a framework for model-driven development and deployment of smart e-Government services on a robust and scalable SOA foundation. This work, code-named “Paddington”, has been the foundation for the IBM SWG Government Industry Framework (GIF). It is closely aligned with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) driven by the European Commission (EC) and associated standardisation bodies – and can be considered its instantiation leveraging the power of IBM middleware.

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