Markku Markkula

Markku Markkula

Advisor to the Aalto Presidents, Aalto University (Finland)

He has been a Member of the Finnish Parliament and member of two permanent committees: Committee for Science, Education and Culture and the Committee for the Future. He is also a member of the administrative council of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. He is currently a Member of the Committee of Regions (FI/EPP), Rapporteur of the Digital Agenda, and Member of Espoo City Council.

He is former Director of the Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli (formerly Centre for Continuing Education) of Helsinki University of Technology since 1984. He has been Secretary General of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education IACEE since its founding in 1989. He is Team Leader for Societal Impact & Chairman of the Board of TIEKE (Information Society Development Centre).

Markku Markkula is specialised in digital development, professional development, knowledge management, learning organization, lifelong learning, e-learning, regional policy, national innovation systems. He has published several books and given hundreds of conference presentations, as well as written numerous articles on these issues. In his work he has a strong international dimension on global value networks, new job opportunities and employability.

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