Michael Nilsson


Michael Nilsson is general business manager at Centre of Distance-spanning Technology, Luleå University of Technology. Michael graduated as MSc (Mech Eng), Linköping university of technology 1989. He has a technical background from the industry (SAAB Aerospace) in mechanical/system engineering, organisation and business development and project management of international projects.

Some years at Centek, a business development centre, responsible for EU projects (e.g Coordinator of Innovation Relay Centre Northern Sweden) and research projects involving regional companies and researchers at the university. Liasion activites and external relations. Project officer at the European Commission ( Brussels ), IST programme 1998. Site manager/Director of research and development at Effnet (spinn-off company) from the university which was awarded IST Grand Prize 1999. Project manager at the university 2002 responsible for running EU funded projects (Embedded Internet System Lab), fund raising and external relations with industry and society to achieve regional development. Former coordinator of the ERA-pilot, Coordination Action, BrainBridges (_www.brainbridges.info_ ) in the Collaborative Working Environment area. Work package leader of the EU project Collaboration4Innovation (_www.collaboration4innovation.com_ ). Michael was also a member of the CLOCK project, _http://www.clock-project.eu/_ which is finalised 2007. Member of the eMobility (European Technology Platform) network. Coordinator of the Swedish participation of the upcoming EU FP7 (IP) Panlab2 project, recently funded, and the NetLab (Eureka-Celtic) proposal. Participant in the Open LivingLabs network in Sweden (_www.openlivingLabs.se_ ) and Europe (_www.openlivinglabs.eu_ ).

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