Neelie Prashmi Prasad


LIFE 2.0: bringing services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people

After retirement, e.g. 65+, elderly people often feel isolated and their social contacts are reduced. This reduces the quality of life (QoL) both in functional and psychological aspects. The LIFE 2.0 will enable elderly citizens to have updated information about the geographical location and attainability of friends and family, as well as multimedia content of their interests. LIFE 2.0 will reinforce their interaction with the surrounding social context through creating a new and discrete link with them.

The LIFE 2.0 project will also support the assistants and service providers identify the needs of the elderly people around them and plan assistance and any other service according to the real needs.

A new LIFE 2.0 socio-economic ecosystem, that is accessible by senior people as well as local service providers (small business, assistance services, local restaurants, food shops, local libraries, cultural initiatives) that can provide relevant services to elderly people

Thus, changing in the social role of elderly people from patient (i.e. a problem to solve) to a resource (i.e. a solution) for other elderly people and possibly for the citizens in the area.


Dr. Neeli Rashmi Prasad, Senior IEEE Member, is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Network without Borders Thematic Group at Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University, Denmark. Neeli has over 13 years of industry and academic experience. Currently, she is leading many EC- and industry-funded projects on secure monitoring and reliable self-organizing networks. To name some: EC CIP PSP LIFE 2.0 for 65+ and social interaction, IP ASPIRE on RFID and Middleware and EC NoE CRUISE on WSNs. She is experienced and innovative leader with passion for creating and championing new technologies and for developing successful organizations. Particular strengths lie in applying advanced technology to create business opportunities.

During her industrial career she coordinated several projects, e.g. country wide GSM landmass coverage (Vodafone NL), the impact of IP based security on Lucent WLAN (Wavelan later known as Orinoco) Access Points (APs), implementation of Virtual LAN and IAPP on Orinoco APs, VoIP implementation on APs, design and implementation of real-time embedded software platform for APs, mobile core network evolution towards All-IP for T-Mobile International to technical project lead for Public WLAN deployment for T-Mobile NL.

Neeli has above 100 publications ranging from top journals, international conferences and chapters in books. She has also co-edited and co-authored two books titled “WLAN Systems and Wireless IP for Next Generation Communications” and “Wireless LANs and Wireless IP Security, Mobility, QoS and Mobile Network Integration”, published by Artech House, 2001 and 2005.

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